Reynaers in the World.
The Reynaers Group headquarter is located in Duffel, Belgium. The group has its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, China, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Scandinavia, Turkey and Austria. We also ship our products to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.

Reynaers Poland
Reynaers company entered into Polish market gradually since 1991, has extended potential and an employment including increase of interest of Reynaers systems on our sale market. At first it was one office, few employees, customer service department and logistic department without warehouse. In 1998 in Piaseczno near Warsaw, where is the main office, was built warehouse with 5 000m2 area. Until 2002 warehouse operated only for Polish market. Actually also for Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian. Polish company became logistics centre for Central Europe. Reynaers Poland employs 70 employees whithout counting employees working in offices in countries which are operated by Reynaers Poland. Part of employees work in production process and they isolate profiles in Piaseczno. Company has local offices in: Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Lublin, Gorzów Wielkopolski.

What are we doing?
We develop, sale and distribute systems for aluminium fabrication for both new-build and renovation. We are one of the leaders in building industry on European market. We are upon as professional and attractive partner by many architects and fabricators of aluminium elements. We always offer the best solutions and services at the highest level.
Why aluminium?
Aluminium brings many advantages in building industry and for new prepared buildings as well as in renovation. This material is durable, stylish, available in many colors and environmentally friendly. Reynaers offer many different profiles and systems. You can chose in many levels of isolations, color palette and styles. Aluminium is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is also material easy in service, conservation and maintenance. Aluminium windows and doors are very safe. This material is unusually resistance. If you want to increase your safety you can use elements burglar resistance and bulletproofing. That’s why alumininum is always reasonable solution.
We take care of products quality

Our suppliers produce aluminum profiles and accessories, which have to fulfill strictly our requirements. Each product has to fulfill strict quality standards, what is verified by Quality Controllers. We fully control our warehouse and distribution. Our efficient organization is a guarantee of punctual and problems free deliveries. The base of our customer-oriented company is an ISO certificate. Our anodization plants are fulfilling all requirements concerning surface producing, its durability, UV resistance and discoloring, what is confirmed by Qualanod certificate.
Qualicoat is a  European mark, which can be used by painting plants fulfilling requirements concerning surface producing, its durability, UV resistance and discoloring. All our painting plats are in the possession of the Qualicoat certificate. All the time we motivate our employees to work through quality improvement in all tasks made by them. Reynaers is an  innovative company due to permanent developing of new ideas and conceptions. We are following continuous works in aim of improving our products, increasing possibilities and comfort enhancing.

We are concerning for environment
Aluminum can be fully recycled without quality decreasing. Moreover, recycling of aluminum requires 5% to 10% of energy, which would be used during producing the same quantity of a new material. That is why Reynaers Aluminium treats recycling of aluminum so enthusiastically. Nowadays 60% of aluminum used in the world comes form recycling. 65% of energy used to produce aluminum is a sustainable energy, generated by waterpower stations. Reynaers Aluminium fully understands huge significance of environment, so we treat our duties very seriously. We use durable materials, which can be used and recycled in almost infinite cycle. We are taking part in recycling of aluminum, what assure huge energy saving. We also spend a lot of time for optimization of processes which are environment- friendly.


Reynaers Polska Sp. z o.o.
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